Low Sun - Icicles

Low Sun

Heavy atmospheric trips to those places that lie forgotten behind your waking mind...


Written, Performed & Produced by Low Sun

Engineered by James Johnston at Cowshed Studios, London

Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema) at UltraSoundStudios

Cover Art by Francesca Vecchio


Previous Releases

Prologue - The Demo, 2016

"Low Sun are an instrumental stoner/psychedelic band from London, UK, who also mix in some darker ambient vibes with a post-rock feel, before exploding into the stoner riffs we all adore so much. Their two-track demo, Prologue, dares to expand the corners of what constitutes stoner rock and psychedelia with courage and a musical talent which speaks for itself; ‘Novice Swordfighter’ straddles an Earthless feel with some powerful riffs, while the fuzz riffs of ‘The Monster Storm’ eagerly lay waste to what’s before you."

- Heavy Planet